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Welcome to ANNIE'S MARKET STAND - rustic soaps and suds! If we had to describe our market stand-inspired soaps and suds in one word it would be "simple," and we mean that in the best possible way. Our Saturday mornings are often filled happily wandering through the crowded aisles of our local farmer's market, taking in the wonderful sights and scents of the over-flowing baskets of locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Although we've always incorporated these nutrient-packing essentials into our family meals, it wasn't until we started making hand-made soap that we realized that their benefits are not limited solely as food.

ANNIE'S MARKET STAND - rustic soaps and suds are hand-crafted from organic fruits, vegetables and botanical purees and infusions. Making everything in small batches (like really, really, small batches,) ensures we pay attention to the smallest details that matter to us, especially since it's going on your skin! We skip the artificial colorants and incorporate natural clays and botanicals for their known benefits. And we only scent where it makes sense. Whether it's top-grade essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance oils, we keep a light touch when scenting our soaps and suds.

Just check out our Shop's menu to the left of the page and select from our Artisan Soaps, Rustic Bath Bomb Squares (ya gotta check those out!), and our very special Kid's Bath Shop created by Annie, herself. And don't miss our Coming Soon page! We are always testing new soaps and suds. 

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