Laundry Soap Powder ~ Fresh, Vegan, Scented to Order

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Our Annie's Market Stand Laundry Soap Powder is back and better than ever! Fresh, hand-crafted in small batches and always scented-to order, our Laundry Soap Powder is over 92% all-natural.

Our low-suds, high cleansing formula works great in both HE and traditional washers and is super economical! Just 1-2 tablespoons needed for "average" loads. It might take a little getting used to, but no need for a large amount of soap to get your clothes clean and smelling fresh. Resist the pour and START SCOOPING! 

The base of our Laundry Soap Powder is our simple & 100% organic Annie's Market Stand Coconut Oil Soap, made with 3 simple, all-natural ingredients and in small batches to control quality. We then add all-natural washing soda, natural citric acid for natural brightening power, and a touch of one of our market-fresh, phthalate-free scents. That's it! No harsh detergents, sulfates or chemical whiteners, ever. Our Laundry Soap Powder is vegan, too. 

Choose from 4 convenient sizes:

(HE = 1 tablespoon      Standard Machine = 2 tablespoons)*

  • 3oz Sample Bag - Good for 3-6 average loads. Sample bags do not come with scoop.
  • 10oz Tub - Good for 10 to 20 average loads. Comes with 1 scoop, 1 Kraft container filled with 10oz of laundry soap powder.  
  • 20oz Tub - Good for 20 to 40 average loads. Comes with 1 scoop, 1 Kraft container filled with 20oz of laundry soap powder. 
  • 20 oz Refill Bags (no Kraft container or scoop provided) - Once you've purchased our Laundry Soap Powder, keep your container & scoop and just buy the soap next time around! Good for approximately 20 to 40 average loads.

*heavily-soiled loads may require additional powder to remove dirt & odors. 

Select your perfect scent from our many fresh, market fragrances:

  • Fresh Cucumber - Clean, garden-fresh, sliced cucumber
  • Farmhouse Morning - Perfect blend of fresh herbs & lemon 
  • Fresh Lemon - Bright, lemony-fresh
  • Market Peach - Succulent peach scent. Summer perfection
  • Freshly-Folded Laundry - Smells exactly like the name 
  • Fresh Pear - Fresh, crisp and succulent pear scent
  • Rosebud - Modern & light, freshly-cut roses scent
  • Simply Soap - Completely unscented, 100% all-natural
And coming soon: 
  • Sun-dried Sheets (think sunshine, fresh grass and clean air)
  • Summer Rain (crisp, clean and unique)