SOLID DISH SOAP (No plastic!)

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dish Brush - Brown Bristles (Extra Sturdy)

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Dishwashing just seems to be a lot more fun when you have a cute dish brush! This is a very sturdy, all-purpose brush with stiff bristles. Great for scrubbing dishes, pans and other hard surfaces. The perfect companion to our Solid Dish Soap

Brown Bristle Brush Description (Sturdy Bristles):

  • Overall Description: Brush is approximately 3 inches tall / bristle width is approximately 2.25 inches wide. Bristles are very firm, dark brown & tan blend. Handle is bamboo and light in color. Easy to grip.
  • Handle: Bamboo
  • Bristles: Brown, very brisk. Great for dishes or scrubbing counters, veggies, pans, etc. 
  • Care: To avoid mold or mildew, keep brush out of standing water between uses. Can be cleaned with mild vinegar or soap to kill bacteria. 
  • With proper care, your brush should last for several months. When ready to discard, brush is compostable.

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