We're all about small, positive changes in trying to reduce our use of single-use plastics.  We are the kings of recycling at our house, but we still struggle with resisting those little plastic snack bags, or finding alternatives to all of those plastic bottles. It's a journey for sure.

When it comes to the shop, we stay as plastic-free as possible. We keep our soap packaging minimal (hello recycled paper bags), and we will only use shrink-wrap where it's absolutely necessary, or requested. 

So when it came time to add our Solid Dish Soap to the shop, it was a no brainer! As well as selling it through our amazing local retail partner, we've also been using it in our house for over a year and we love it. We think it's a great alternative to liquid dish soap  whether you hand-wash dishes here and there, or if you're a hard-core, daily washer like us.

Save the planet, one dish at a time!