Soap Ends - 1lb + Soap Saver Bag

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Our Annie's Market Stand "Soap Ends + Pieces" are always a favorite at local markets and are only available a few times a year. You’ll get a full pound of our assorted soap ends, which is equal to about 4-5 bars of our most popular Annie’s Market Stand soaps. You’ll also receive an all-natural sisal soap saver bag to make your soap ends last longer. 

Just drop a few soap ends into your soap bag, wet under running water and lather away! The soap saver bag helps create a nice lather when you bathe and also provides a light exfoliation.

INGREDIENTS AWARENESS: Our Annie’s Market Stand’s Assorted soap ends will contain the following: Dandelion, Milk, Oatmeal, Lavender, Calendula, Rosebuds, Activated Charcoal, Assorted Botanicals. Please do not purchase if you have any known allergic reactions to any of the above-listed ingredients.

Soap ends will come unwrapped, and in our Kraft bag as shown. Includes all-natural sisal soap-saver bag.   

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